Adventures Unlimited Rafting

Adventures Unlimited Rafting
Troop 226 Event  |  Adventures Unlimited Campgrounds

Intro to Adventures Unlimited Rafting

  • We will join Troop 226 on their annual camp-out and rafting fun. 
  • Rafting and kayak down the Hiwassee on Saturday
  • This is a Camp for the entire family - or just one parent - to attend with their Scout.
  • Leave on Friday night and return on Saturday night, or leave on Saturday Morning and return on Sunday afternoon.

Cost For Camping and Rafting
  • Typical cost is about $35 per person which includes:
    • Camping fee is about $10 per person
    • Raft fee is about $20 per person
    • Food cost is about $5 per person
General Information about this Event
  • Meet at the Scout Hut at 8:30 am on Saturday in Class A Uniform.
  • Bring your liability release form for Hiwassee, Trip Permission Form, (and Health forms if we don't already have them)
  • Bring a sack lunch for Saturday and money for Sunday fast food Lunch
  • We will be camping at Adventures Unlimited campgrounds.
  • See our calendar for rafting dates (typically in August)
Parent Action Items
  • Reply to the email when asked if you are planning to attend
  • Complete the release forms